About Us

image4231In 2009 we started the American League of Functional Therapists and have since Trademarked the terms Registered Functional Therapist RFT® and Registered Functional Therapy Associate RFTA®. These are available to Licensed Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Associates respectively. Our organization has worked to broaden the definition of function as encapsulated in the CRAFT Model.javascript:insertForm(12);

The Functional Therapy Movement

This has become a movement. Health Care providers of many different disciplines are moving towards a functional focus. This is excellent and we encourage it. These practitioners can work to become Registered Functional Therapy Practitioners RFTP™. It is now up to all of us to lead towards the most all encompassing definition of function. We use the CRAFT model as our theme; it is both simple and profound as it expands people’s understanding of humanity.

Specialist vs.Generalist

This goes counter to the other major driver of health care… Specialization. Many practitioners have accepted and even promoted the greater and greater understanding of smaller and smaller systems. Functional Therapists have benefited from the profound depth of information but applied that to their very holistic understanding of what it is to be a person.

Unifying Health Care

Because of this understanding we have been able to transfer and unify various “things that work” into understandable models of treatment and care. We will be working to share this knowledge with as many people as possible.

We believe that the therapies will unify again and that we can help lead that to the optimal care for all people. We are so glad you are with us.


Ed Kaine, OTR/L, RFT
Publisher of Functional Therapy Magazine